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Ianna T.

"Without doubt, Katie has been the most dedicated, caring and reliable among my son's speech therapists. She has natural abilities with children, enormous patience, tremendous energy, and sound technical abilities especially for working with non-verbal children".

Lara R.

"Katie is a great, experienced speech therapist. Our son has made significant progress during the six months that she has been working with him. Katie also gave us valuable general parenting tips and advice on how to handle specific situations."

Rachel E.

"Katie knew exactly how to best engage my son and push him to the edge of his competence. My son's communication skills improved by leaps and bounds once Katie began working with him. I found Katie to be patient, caring, respectful of my perspective as a parent, professional, and extremely effective."

Eila M.

"Katie has gone above and beyond in providing my son with the utmost of care. My son has ASD and Katie worked magic with him.  She is intuitive and really understood my son and his needs, getting him to relate to her almost immediately."

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