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Meet Katie

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Katie Madarasz

Speech Language Pathologist

Katie Madarasz is a passionate Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, who specializes in Early Intervention, Autism and Motor Speech Disorders. She is trained in Gestalt Language Processing, a highly effective method used in working with Autistic Children.  Katie subscribes to neurodiversity affirming approaches to treatment and is excited about the impact she makes in the lives of the children and families she treats.


Katie has always had a strong interest and natural ability to engage children and help families. She found her passion at a very early age, while babysitting, tutoring neighbors, volunteering as a big sister and later teaching English abroad. She decided to pursue these interests deeper as an SLP.

Katie listens to you and your child’s needs and creates personalized, interactive lessons which can quickly help your child improve their speech, language and communication skills. She values deep connection and trust with each child to promote a successful therapeutic relationship. Her child led, play based semi-structured sessions are engaging and dynamic, with an eclectic approach, integrating many of the modalities she's learned over the years.  

Katie Madarasz graduated with honors in Speech-Language Pathology from Kean University in New Jersey in 2000. She is licensed by New York State and holds a Certificate of Clinical Competency from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association.


She has worked in-person and virtually with families and children from infancy through elementary age, in homes, schools, clinic and hospital settings, where she has used her knowledge and expertise to treat children with a vast array of disorders. Her many years of experience, her strong skills and expertise will help your child reach their highest potential.

When Katie is not doing Speech Therapy, you can find her exploring movement and uncovering treasures through dance, meditation, voicing and being nurtured by nature along with her 3 year old Labradoodle "Zucchini", while journeying through life with her husband Gil.

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