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virtual and
in-person Speech
therapy services
for kids ages 0-10

"Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be."


-Rita Pierson, Educator



Complimentary Consultation

Are you laying awake at 2am wondering why your child did not sound like others their age at that birthday party? Are you worried that your child will fall even further behind if they don’t get help now?


Katie offers professional knowledge, expertise and over 20 years of experience supporting children just like yours with their Speech, Language and Communication skills. She provides the highest quality care to help your child reach their goals.


Call today for a complimentary 20 minute consultation or fill out the contact form to get started. Complimentary screenings are also available for pre-schools and daycares.

Complimentary Consultation

Speech and Language evaluations are conducted in order to determine the level of intervention your child may need and to gain important information about their strengths, needs and preferences. This includes parent interview, administration of standardized tests, clinical observation and professional opinion. The findings are then reviewed with parents and together a plan is developed to support you and your child's needs.

Speech and Language Therapy
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Speech and Language Therapy

Speech refers to the way your child produces sounds and puts them together to make words. If your child is struggling to say some of their sounds or is hard to understand, Katie will work to support their improvement in speech production. Is your child having difficulty following commands, imitating, communicating with gestures (like pointing, waving, reaching or pushing), trouble responding to their name or attending to others? Does your child have trouble using grammar correctly? These are all part of Language skills. If your child has difficulty with Language, Katie will focus on teaching skills to support Language use.


Does your child have a diagnosis of Autism and overall communication challenges? Katie will work with you and your child to establish engagement using your child's special interests. She will use neurodiversity affirming approaches and incorporate the techniques of Gestalt Language Processing to help your child move from echolalia and scripts to self generated language.

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Research continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of Teletherapy as a treatment model for Speech Therapy. Technology is used to link the therapist to the child in order to perform assessments or treatment. Teletherapy venues can include your home, daycare centers or schools. Interactive audio and video is used to create engaging and dynamic sessions, while combining work and play to meet your child’s personal goals. Children have the opportunity to learn and practice new skills using materials that are motivating and specifically chosen based on your child’s unique interests. For older children who are proficient with the computer, a parent need not be present for sessions, but is encouraged to be nearby for technical help if needed. Katie provides Teletherapy throughout New York State.

Parent Coaching
Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is used with the 0-3 population. It is designed to teach parents how to support their child using Speech and Language strategies and tips in every day routines. Session goals are established together, using your family's specific priorities and your child's unique strengths and needs.

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